The New Start Project was founded as a response to the lack of services available for low and middle income New York City residents with matrimonial law issues.  From the outset our goal has been to fill the gap by assisting those who are ineligible to receive legal services from publicly funded agencies and are unable to pay the costly fees of private attorneys.  The New Start Project was created as a non-profit which does not rely on funding, so our services are not limited to specifically targeted populations or strict financial requirements.  The New Start Project was established to provide low and moderate income residents access to justice that they may not otherwise be able to receive. 

The New Start Project assists clients with Uncontested Divorces, Separation Agreements and brief legal services in Contested Divorces.  Our mission is not only to provide a brief visit and completion of the paperwork but to assist clients in understanding their rights and navigating the legal system from start to finish.  Fees are determined on a sliding scale and are based on the client’s income.  No client will be turned away for inability to pay. 

Why our services are different
Nicole M. Rodriguez, Esq. and Anna Montbach have almost 10 years of experience preparing uncontested divorces and working with the courts.  When completing an uncontested divorce through The New Start Project, there is never a need to appear in front of a judge and the process can all be done simply by submitting paperwork to the court. Often the court fees can be waived and the process can take as little as 8 weeks. Because you never appear in front of a judge, it is imperative that the paperwork be in accordance with New York State laws and follows the specific court requirements.  Our relationships with the courts and other agencies allow us to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge of the law and completion of the ever changing legal documents.

As part of our services, we provide a free initial consultation to determine that our services are right for you. If so, we can assist by preparing all of the paperwork required, a waiver of the court fees known as a “poor person order” (if applicable) and guidance throughout the filing process.  In addition, we can correct faulty paperwork that was prepared by another service or on your own.  The New Start Project strives to assist clients with any concerns along the way.  Our goal is for you to understand your rights and hold the power to fight for yourself.